About me

I am an experienced researcher who aims to improve education. Being an early adopter of digital technology, I am particularly interested in the learning potential of new media. I combine sensible theorizing with quantitative and qualitative methods while having a keen eye for ways to reform educational practice.

My research focuses on the (informal) learning practices children and young people engage in online. During my PhD I examined the changing engagement of youth in the large variety of literacy practices they encounter out-of-school. Projects I am currently involved in concern digital technology use in families with young children, the design of digital learning environments to help newcomers with language learning, the development of a digital literacy programme for youth growing up in poverty, and the re-imagination of education by studying young people’s self-cultivation online.

Other research topics I work on include classroom dialogue, preschoolers’ oral communicative skills, social acceptance in early childhood education, the effects of mind mapping and teachers’ use of online social networks.

I teach and lecture at the Vrije Universiteit Amsteram in the bachelor’s and master’s programme Educational Studies. Also, I give workshops and advice about the ways children and youth use new media and how such uses might or should influence educational practice.

My full curriculum vitae