About me

I am an experienced researcher who aims to improve education. Being an early adopter of digital technology, I am particularly interested in the learning potential of new media. I combine sensible theorizing with quantitative and qualitative methods while having a keen eye for ways to reform educational practice.

In my current position I provide the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences (HvA) with advice about the innovation of ICT services for researchers. Until 2018 I worked as an assistant professor in the Educational Sciences. I conducted qualitative and quantitative research, together with PhD students, into a range of topics related to education and learning such as classroom dialogue, communicative skills, social acceptance and mind mapping. My research focused on the informal learning practices children and youth engage in online.

Because I was displeased with the present-day work climate in academia, I decided to end my scientific career. At present I still conduct research on a freelance basis.