About me

Foto 2014_12_15_kleinI am a philosopher, linguist and social scientist who aims to improve education. Being an early adopter of digital technology, I am broadly interested in the impact new media have on our everyday lives. I like to think interdisciplinary and to combine sensible theorizing with empirical research while having a keen eye for ways to reform educational practice.

My research focuses on the informal learning practices children and young people engage in online. During my PhD I examined the changing engagement of youth in the large variety of literacy practices they encounter out-of-school. The central theme of my dissertation (see Publications) is how uses of old and new media are interwoven. Other research topics I currently work on include preschoolers’ oral communicative skills, social acceptance in early childhood education, the effects of mind mapping and teachers’ use of online social networks.

I teach and lecture at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the bachelor’s and master’s programme Educational Sciences. I enjoy doing this as much as I love conducting research, especially to professionals working or about to work in education. My expertise lies in giving lectures and workshops on the ways youth use new media and how such uses might or should influence current educational practice.

My full curriculum vitae